Cascadia Blooms Fruit Loops CBD Hemp Flower


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Let Fruit Loops improve your mood. This well balanced indica dominant hybrid is a wonderful choice to use with friends. Spark up interesting conversations with a creative point of view during happy hour. Within minutes of the first puff the user will feel a euphoric calming while lifting your spirit and encouraging social interaction. The soothing sensation definitely comes in waves, further relaxing muscles at each crest. Fruit Loops may be ingested in the day or night. However, moderate your intake during day use to avoid being unproductive. End of day users turn it up to eliminate built up stress.

Mimicking the popular cereal from your childhood, the Fruit Loops hemp flower is both tropical and fruity. Lineage is well known and roots stem from 4 very popular strains; Blue Dream, White Widow, Blueberry, and Grapefruit.  This amazing blend has created an extremely robust flower, with astounding effects and a flavor unto itself.  Fruit loops is described as having sweet berry, tangy, and apple tones with a tropical aroma.

Fruit Loops is your natural remedy from mother nature and is known to help with headaches, assist in the relief of minor aches and pains, and work as a beneficial sleep aid. Tucan sold separately. 

All sizes 1/4 and larger are shipped in our nitrogen flushed hermetically sealed canister. 

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Fruit Loops

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