Cascadia Bloom Lifter CBD Hemp Flower


Size: 7g (1/4oz)
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Genetics – (Lifter X Sour Diesel)

“Sour Lifter” combines the original “Lifter” flavor of sweet, toasty, velvety-berry notes with the citrusy lemon almost diesel smell that Sour Diesel is known for. Lifter has been a crowd favorite and we believe Sour Lifter will be too for its high oil and CBD content and smooth tasting profile.

Sour Lifter is Sativa-dominant, seen as a “daytime” strain for its energetic lifting of mood it is great for when seeking to elevate oneself with a clear mind. If you are a fan of Lifter or coming from the THC world and wanting to try something familiar then you might just love Sour Lifter.

Prominent terpenes in it include: Myrcene, Humulene, Caryophyllene, and Ocimene. These bring scents and taste of Hops, chamomile, and wood.

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