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Flavor: Green Apple
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Enjoy THC-O in a convenient shot with so you can take mellow on the go! 

 How to Use THC-O Shots

  • Remove seal and enjoy!
  • Store in cool, dry place.
  • 25mg per container, start SLOW 

*THC-O has been reported to have stronger effects when ingested via edible vs when smoked. We suggest starting low and slow. Wait for up to an hour to experience effects.*

What THC-O Shots Are Good For

Relieve Pain
As THC-O provides much stronger effects, it may be able to stimulate the cannabinoid receptors in a way that regular THC may not by providing stronger pain relief.

Boost Appetite
Similar to Delta 8 and Delta 10, THC-O may have the potential to help reduce nausea and stimulate the appetite due to its effect on our CB1 and CB2 receptors.

Uplifted Sense of Well-Being
THC-O has been reported to be stronger than Delta 8 which has the potential to result in stronger uplifting and euphoric effects.


 100% Hemp Derived THC-O, and Botanical Derived Terpenes

Sample Test Results

Green Apple THCO

Blue Raz THCO

Grape THCO

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