Lane Creek Hemp Co Relief CBD Full Spectrum Tincture 1,500mg

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Relief Full Spectrum 1500mg CBD Extract is infused with a combination of California Poppy & Ginger for herbal support, bringing you a synergistic blend of botanicals for optimum support.

Ingredients: MCT Oil, California Poppy, Ginger, Tangerine Essential Oil, Monk fruit sweetener, Sunflower Lecithin

Sample Test Results: Batch: 0620.6.14.5RF

At Lane Creek Hemp Company, we take great care in creating a nurturing and biologically rich environment in which our hemp thrives. From tiny seedlings to perfectly cured flowers, we promote bio diversity and bring an ecologically conscious approach in all our farming practices. Our farm is free of any commercial fertilizer or any type of spray. Learn more about our organic and regenerative growing practices here. 

Our hemp truly reflects our farm’s unique location within the Rogue Valley’s exceptional hemp growing region. Living soil, Southern Oregon sun, and pure Lane Creek water is all our hemp needs to reach its highest potential. We are happy to offer our hand-crafted RELIEF 1500mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract because we believe in expressing our highest potential.

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