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Blending the traditional spices of the Mayan people with the Ceremonial Cacao of the Quechua, we've crafted this mildly stimulating, luxurious, and spicy rendition of a Hot Chocolate Drink in cookie form! This Mexican Spiced Chocolate cookie is made with a heaping dose of both ginger and Saigon Cinnamon, a pinch of cayenne pepper, and a splash of vanilla to relax the mind and body while getting the blood flowing. Both the Spice Enthusiast and Spice Novice alike will relish in the slow creeping spice kick, luxurious moist texture from the extra fatty Cacao Paste, and the clean relief of pure, organic, ethically sourced ingredients.  

What makes this Mexican Spiced Chocolate Cookie unique is the combination of Full Spectrum CBD, Ceremonial Grade Cacao, and 2 activating herbs used all together to create an "entourage effect" and provide a more potent mood lifting, pain soothing, and blissful experience for consumers.

You see, we combine a Major and Minor Cannabinoid Rich Hemp Extract with a Theobromine Rich Ceremonial Grade Cacao, and when consumed together these two ingredients help our body to better release Anandamide, or the "Bliss Molecule", which imparts a sense of well being and relief. By adding a mixture of Saigon Cinnamon, the highest grade of cinnamon in the world, with a 35k HU Cayenne Pepper Powder, we have increased the absorption of all the nutritional benefits of the Hemp Extracts and Cacao. Ultimately we've created a really tasty, albeit spicy, way to get all your vita-goodies more easily.

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 We only source lab verified Full Spectrum CBD distillate grown organically in No-Till soil in Colorado for our products. All of our products are free of pesticides, herbicides, and any contaminants. We further lab verify our products for proper dosages by lot! Visit this page here to see all of our COAs!

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