Woodstock Hemp Company Bubba Kush CBD Hemp Flower

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Some things define time. They cease to age. They never go out of style. Skinny Jeans, Jennifer Lopez, Deloreans, and The Bubba Kush: Hemp's original West Coast Gas. The Bubba Kush is a cornucopia of flavor and color. Round, dense flowers ranging from lime green to a deep purple are harvested at the pinnacle of perfection. It's a smorgasborg of satisfying smoke. Smooth, not salacious, and not to be enjoyed surreptitiously. It is, after all, hemp, not weed, and enjoying it will leave you feeling relaxed, not sedated.

 So, buy a bag, load a bowl, and light up some of the finest, hand-selected, cold-cured hemp flower the West Coast has to offer. 

Inhale the Good Sh*t. Exhale the Bullsh*t.

 The Bubba Kush

Gas; Hybrid

Effect: Happy, Euphoric, Focused

Tasting Notes: Wood, Pine, Citrus and Gas

  • 100% Organic, Oregon-grown Hemp Flower
  • Small-batch
  • Cold-cured for Maximum Flavor
  • Hand-selected
  • Hand-trimmed
  • Child-proof Packaging
  • No Sticks. No Seeds. No Substitutes. 

 Batch: Bubba Kush

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