Woodstock Hemp Company Bubba Kush Delta 8 Hemp Flower

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"Yeah, but you know what would be really cool..."

Moon Rocks. Cannabis Caviar. Call em' whatever you want, but our Delta-8 Bubba Kush Flower Bombs are pure Oregon exceptionalism. We start with hand-harvested, cold-cured, artisan-grown Bubba Kush whole hemp flower, hand-trim it, then infuse it with pure Delta-8 distillate and blast it with CBG kief. The result is a sparkly, smooth, dank, skunky-sweet floral experience that will make you wonder, "This is hemp?" Probably not the kind ole' Georgey Washington was farming, but you know he would've been had he not been busy founding a nation (thanks for that, by the way). 

 So, raise a bud to your fore fathers, relax, and enjoy our Delta-8 Flower Bombs. 

  • An 1/8th oz. (3.55g) of Hand-crafted, Hand-trimmed Bubba Kush Delta-8 Flower
  • 100% Organic, Oregon-grown Hemp
  • Cold-cured for Maximum Flavor
  • High-potency, Pure, Delta-8 Distillate
  • Childproof-packaging
  • No Sticks. No Stems. No Smalls. No Bullsh*t.

Sample Test Results: Batch: D8Flower

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