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Meet our Pharm Family and learn more about what makes each of them unique.

High Quality, Clean Green Certified & Sustainably Grown in the heart of Southern Oregon. The team over at Alliance Hemp Co brings extensive experience, knowledge and background from the cannabis industry ensuring you are getting a safe, trusted and tested product!

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Cascadia Blooms is a small farm run by family and friends to curate and grow organic premium, high-CBD hemp flower produced in Southern Oregon. 

Oregon-grown, our hemp is compliant with the most stringent licensing and testing policies in the USA. We grow organically (which means no pesticides, GMOs, or other contaminants) and nothing is chemically processed. All our seeds are planted by hand, watered with care, sprinkled with the Rogue Valley sunshine, and carefully cared for until being lovingly hand-picked at harvest.​


We've crafted our products using only the highest quality, sustainably-farmed hemp. Grown in beautiful Central Oregon with it's sprawling views of the Three Sisters, Mt. Jefferson, Smith Rock and access to crystal clear Cascade Range filtered mountain water, our products are guaranteed pure and are always 100% free of any pesticides, heavy metals, and residual solvents.


Cycling Frog isn't just a brand. It's a statement. It's the belief that cannabis consumption should be normalized. Cannabis should be affordable. Cannabis should be accessible. Cannabis is fun. Cannabis should be enjoyed with the same ease as your favorite sparkling water or beer, and we at Cycling Frog are here to make that happen.



Herbal Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD products designed for wellness.

 Organically Sourced. Craft Batch. American Made.

 They hand-pick every grower, carefully tend to their extraction processes, and design each product with a purpose in balanced doses, making it easy to find the relief you’ve been looking for.



At Haygood, we use only the highest quality ingredients, organic whenever possible, so you can be confident in the efficacy of our products while minimizing our carbon footprint.

 Located in Chattanooga, TN, we grow our own hemp on a 40 acre farm and use a clean room to manufacture our products in a climate controlled facility. Every product is made with full spectrum CBD oil nd tested for 3rd party analysis. We're a hardworking team that strive to help people through the education of plant-based medicine.


Lazarus Naturals makes CBD that’s effective at everyday prices so you can make them part of your every day routine.

 They were founded on the belief that quality CBD should be accessible to everyone. They keep their prices affordable by owning their process from beginning, starting with their hemp farms in Central Oregon, to extraction, formulation, and packaging.
There's no secret to their approach. From the organic hemp they farm, to their ever-growing family of products, they focus on consistency and sustainability.

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Float past the hustle and the haters to a kinder, more creative place. 

Mighty Kind is a boutique brand from St. Louis, Missouri creating holistic beverages and provisions distributed nationwide. Crafted with organically grown hemp and organic botanicals for a sparkling delight. Full spectrum beverages, infused with cannabis and organic botanical flavors. Taste the difference!


Midwest Reserve is a Minnesota based Hemp farm. We strive to bring the highest quality Hemp/CBD products to the marketplace. Started by growing micro-greens, our team understands what it takes to grow plants that are good for the soul!


OhmGnomes is a Fiber Arts, Herbal Medicine, & Cacao company  where Organic Hemp & Cannabis, Heros, Honey, and a dash of magic all alchemically come together in 1 brilliant CBD  Cookie!

Each variety of cookie is crafted from organically and regionally sourced honey and Fair Trade or Wildcrafted Herbs, and each designed to unite snacks and herbalism.


OM is an all-female collective dedicated to providing the most effective, enjoyable, consistent, and highest quality cannabis  and hemp products.

OM harnesses the restorative power of plant medicine to create superior products that enhance self-care, wellness, and enjoyment for everyone.


Everyone on the Pac Crest Botanicals team has a passion for the splendor, wonder, and tranquility that is found in nature. We are focused on producing quality products to benefit healthy and vibrant living from the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

 At Pac Crest Botanicals, we believe that quality and purity speak to the integrity of our products. We want to offer our customers the confidence to pursue a healthy, happy life, full of adventure.


Seventh Hill CBD believes that producing quality CBD products starts with farming. In order to ensure the safety and efficacy of the products they offer, they produce all of their hemp on their own farm in Southern Oregon.

 Their passion for a cultivation process that is both sustainable for the planet and healthy for consumers is what defines their standards.


Veteran Owned and Founded in San Diego in 2020, Sleepy Bear was designed to be THE most effective health-conscious sleep solution on the market.  They  hope to bring a new standard of safe and healthy sleep to people around the world!


Located in the beautiful Rogue Valley, TenDC stands out with its access to beautiful hemp and cannabis at extremely good prices.

They had their finger on the pulse of the hemp extract market since its humble beginnings and know how to keep costs down, while maintaining precision and quality. They profit through customer loyalty, and volume, not astronomical markups.


TKO Reserve is a family farm that approaches hemp cultivation with holistic and regenerative practices, specializing in companion planting, cover crops, plant fermentation and dynamic compost teas.

 ​As a leader in the cannabis + hemp movement for over a decade, they are dedicated to providing the purest, most elite smoking experience possible. 


TONIC is a woman-owned artisanal hemp CBD brand rooted in quality, sustainability and intention. Grown on Tricolla Farms, extracted and formulated  in Bardo Labs

They are a true farm-to-bottle company; hand-cultivating hemp on their certified organic & regenerative family farm in Upstate NY, and extracting, blending, bottling & shipping at their state-of-the-art product development lab in Sayre, PA.

 By combining CBD with a mindful selection of high-performing herbs and adaptogens, they are able to create a more balanced, holistic and effective wellness solution for mind, body and soul.

 Good for the people and good for the planet - that’s the TONIC way.

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Vital Earth Farms is a craft producer of quality CBD goods. Located in Oregon City, OR, we grow, extract, and produce all of our CBD offerings on our 16-acre farm. Everything we create is third-party batch tested and priced fairly to ensure high-quality, accessible CBD for everyone.



We. Know. Hemp. Plain and simple. It’s our craft. We toil in the fields. We dig the holes. We plant. We harvest. Our hands get dirty. Bloody. We sweat, we swear, we smile and we laugh. We drink strong black coffee in the morning, ice-cold beer after a hard day’s work, and chill-out with friends and smoke some of the finest hemp this side of the Mississippi.

 Then we do it again. It’s a labor of love and it shows. From the plants we grow to the products we make and sell.


Xula is a Latinx and Black-owned CBD brand born in Mexico City, helping women and femmes thrive through the transformative power of herbs and hemp. 

 They fuse ancestral herbal knowledge and modern scientific understanding into the creation of their products.